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Tanya provided archival information before trip, met us at airport, Lviv city tour, including all Holocaust and former Jewish areas. We went to my ancestral towns and hamlets, interviewed locals there. Paley, Vladimir Moskow, Russia genealogy paley. Discovered vital records from in the Moscow Synagogue archives and translated them. Found documents for me where other researchers failed. Paley speaks flluent English and accepts payment through PayPal. Prokop, Yulia yulia it.

Yulia is easy to communicate with, estimates research costs in advance and produces excellent work. Easily paid through moneygram. Rapaport, Gabor office probatehungary. Mr Rapaport identified me as one of the beneficiaries of the will of my late Aunt who passed away in Austria. He sought and obtained probate and then distributed proceeds Ravve, Roman Aleksandrovka, Ukraine roman.

Romans language skills and attention to detail are excellent. Has university qualifications in Jewish History. Reder,Viola Krakow, Poland viola hbmab. Viola researched in the archives, translated documents and also telephoned people who I thought might be able to help in tracking my grandparents. She travelled to different cities and when I visited we travelled together. She was terrific. Radowska-Parka Lublin, Poland agata rootkatours. Extremely satisfied with Agata and Rootkatours!

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Royzner, Anna; Dunayivtsi, Chmelnytsky, Ukraine ann. Drove us to towns. Took us to meet relatives. Research at reasonable fee. English teacher. Communicates fluently in English; provides prompt replies to questions and delivers reports in a timely manner. Rychlik, Grazyna; Warsaw, Poland gsp guidingpoland. Saksonov, Alexander; Vinnitsa, Ukraine alex saksonov. Archive research, translator to English of documents and interviews, photographed documents Schroeder, Petje; Lodz, Poland petje toya. In all locations where my family lived, Dmitry found archived documents going back to late 18th century.

He also recommended a few resources I had never heard of and that produced unexpected exciting results. A true researcher, very thorough and knowledgeable.


Silverman, Janette New York jsilverman janette-silverman. Smid, Jakub; Czech Republic cubasmith email. Toma researched vital records for my family in the archives in Bucharest. She provided photos and translations of vital records she found. Vandor,Karesz; Budapest, Hungary info hungarianroots.

Location of cousins in Hungary. I have had a great experience with him. He speaks and reads a variety of languages, including Hungarian, English, and Hebrew.

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Not only did he help me locate my missing cousins, he is an excellent tour guide. Speaks and reads English, Hebrew and several other languages. Very congenial and knowledgeable, made it a very meaningful experience. Znamirowski, Zenon; Poland zenon polishorigins. Wrote to the USC in Suwalki and obtained relevant documents for my family; researched other areas i. Wasilishok-Lida and advises of new developments.

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Vera is very familiar with cemeteries. She published books and essays on these. Can also help with visits to cemeteries. JewishGen does not independently check the accuracy of information on this webpage. Each user of this webpage, as a condition of reference to use of the information, hereby disclaims and releases JewishGen from any liability based on the use and posting of any information on this webpage. Disclaimer JewishGen does not independently check the accuracy of information on this webpage. Edmond J. All rights reserved.

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Archive Research. Provide me with wide ranging documentation and background about my father's wider family. Ariel Parkansky Robert Wascou. Richard Stone and 2 Marla Raucher. Found our families in 5 towns back to Photos of city. Interpreted communications between me and my relatives; prior to our visit he contacted my relatives by phone and email, and acted as our interpreter when we visited.

This can save a shock when the bill arrives. Eva Browne 2 Irene Daily.

He writes in German although understands English. Richard: Archive Research. Document Translations; City Guide. City Guide, Photos. He also acted as a guide and took me to the village where the family lived. Identify will beneficiaries, obtain probate and distribute proceeds. He sought and obtained probate and then distributed proceeds. Philip Freidenreich Sarah Levinson. Archive research, translator to English of documents and interviews, photographed documents.

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