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Wesley S. Crum Illustrator. Chan Johnson Illustrator. Jacques Drabier Illustrator. High and had also pressure cabin and autopilot. He got a demo-trip in the craft and a lot of technical data on it and descriptions on how it worked in many details, which can be found in the e-book.

Last in this contact they repeated the warnings against the atom-race. In the next radio contact 1. In radio contact nov63 they talked about the "history" of war on our battlefield-planet. They warned that a new big war would be nuclear -and total devastating, and talked for support of UN and warned to discredit UN. Then as now the warmongers in USA were active, and they warned against them. A couple of weeks later they were heard of again, but now late in the evening. They meant that only cooperation was the answer.

They - the people from Korendor said: "Once the people are aroused and demand to know truth, then the way will open up to influence the leaders of your country in political, religious and social areas to take the right action to being about the desired conditions of peace, Brotherhood, and abundance. Another thing the said here is very much misunderstood here. They claim, as other incarnated Wiseman here on Earth ex Martinus , that we must unite as a planet and make a world- government. They will be removed "as virus" by the 25 In the same way as the virus' in our bodies will be removed and simultaneous strengthen our immune-defence.

The Korendor people said on this through his radio: "Eventually the United Nations will be made the controlling force in your world government, according to the principles of Alliance government. With the U. Manpower, which was formerly employed in warmongering, can be redirected into peaceful activities. Medical and scientific research will be given priority.


Food surpluses will be eliminated by two means: 1. Shipping surpluses to the underdeveloped countries on the stipulation that they, in turn, will contribute to society when they become independent. Production according to the consumers needs, by efficient management of farmlands and other food-producing facilities, keeping only nominal surpluses for emergencies.

This copy should then take his place while Bob was "away out there". Of course this may seem far out if one doesn't understand men's spiritual composition. I have met Ante, and he is definitely not a liar!! But this is naturally hard to understand for the most, esp. It is described a kind of mechanical doors down to it, but those must have been well hidden by a kind of force to have remained undiscovered. Extract: "We in the flying "car" quickly descended down through this form, and when we were below it some thirty feet, it swung closed above us with a whirring sound of electric motors.

Orii-Val then pressed a button on the control board. A pair of doors opened in front of us and we glided through. We were now in a long tunnel of sorts, illuminated by a glowing strip of light on its ceiling. I was told this was over a mile long. They came into a room with 6m high white-glowing ceiling and white-green walls. There Bob got a check-security card and they rode on some magnetic cars to watch different things there. He could FX talk to and see his double at his home. All the recent 28 This unit links planets to bases, to ships, and to other consoles for reaching individuals.

When Master Kalen-Li called you from Korendor, his voice went through a similar unit on Korendor, was received here and your voice went the other way. The entire base was done in a style so that the Korendor people being based there should feel home: also fragrance devices making feelings from woods on their home planet. He also got a visit to the PowerStation on the base - a clean and quiet place as all power-creating worked on the difference of gravity on the rotors: "All of the generators or motor-generated sets are run by gravity.

Half of the rotor is shielded from gravity, the other half exposed. The difference in flux causes a torque, quickly setting up rotation. The speed is varied by governors and the percentage of shielding. And the most fantastic, light full living rooms though with no visible light source - furniture as most beauty to think of. Short extract of what the master said: "By misusing the universal forces, you become their slaves and forfeit your mastery of them.

Once this occurs, you are in deep trouble. Only a radical change of philosophy can reinstate the Right and the Good, and make you once more the sculptors of your destinies. You may think, for example, that you have mastered atomic power. My friend, you have NOT. It is ruling you, and you tremble under its shadow, afraid to move for fear it will annihilate you. Part 2-summary of the UFO contacts of Bob Renaud from July link to part 1 Realize that the effective ridiculing forces from the ignorant, adversary powers that have had monopoly on the medias since WW2, and so strangled all such information - now realize they no longer have this, and thus now try to disperse confusion though the www by joining different forums and there claiming THEY JUST ARE this and that particular "contact person" - now "admitting it all was bluff" etc.

So if a person will not be bothered reading or studying this or such - its waste of time. You are absolutely free to think you are only a pile of soil with a accidental "life" inside if you will - as the warmongers and materialists will have you to believe. He had now got the ability to feel when they called him. And the next contact was to an undersea base and again his "stand-in" took his place. Picked up this time by a 20m dia craft hovering ca m above the house - by an antigravity-beam, where to men from the ship up had first been beamed down the "elevator" to meet him.

There was a magnetic force outside the 1,5m dia disk they stood on, so no need of rails. He described the interior of the ship and again mentioned the 3dim pictures on walls. The room he came into was ca 12m dia w. After a short trip he observed the ship being computer controlled down into a base below, into a room of ca m.

There he again also met the "young space-girl beauty" Lin-Erri. He could now use a teleport-station there with different "end-stations" to their other earth-bases. After a quick medicine check he was able to teleport with Lin-Erri to an under-sea base someplace under the Pacific Ocean 3,2 km under ocean-bed - outside of California: "This was truly a unique experience unlike anything I had ever known before. When you first enter, a tingling sensation like an electric shock runs through from head to foot.

Then suddenly there is a feeling that can only be 33 Picture not from book - just a pure illustration: "visitations in underwater-ruins of Atlantis"- same for the 2below. For an instant you cannot think. All you know is that you exist. Your brain is at this instant a mass of electrical impulses, which are being transmitted like radio. Our mind, without these physical senses, is self-existing, and is independent of the universe. It travels via the Ultra conscious to the body reassembled at the other end. The tingling returns suddenly, and then vanishes.

You are through, and still alive and in one whole piece. This translation has taken one second! One second and 2, miles were just traversed!! The man on the other end greeted us and led us to the main office…" As usual he gives an extreme detailed description of the equipment in the base he can see - ex how they get oxygen and fresh air down there.

And he get into the control room of their earth- crafts with a lot of panels, recorders, 3d-telescreens, monitors, and flight control units. Here they could also fellow the unmanned discs. In a room there they overlooked "all earth" through those unmanned and manned discs, from where they got pictures and data back on big monitors on the walls.

They could also remote-control all the ships if necessary. Oddly enough they had labeled most all equipment in English and not their home language Galingua. This must have been done in the intention learning our language for their people intending to be later or simultaneously out-placed in Earth society. So all Bob experienced there was almost "too much" for him. But he sensed: " These wonderful beings have not turned their inventions and discoveries against one another in hatred and war. Look upward and see these shining discs in our skies.

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Think about the wonderful people in them who have already been through times like our present predicament. Out of love and human decency they have overcome these trials, and now live in a world of true freedom and peace. When you can realize that we, too, could experience in our time this blissful 35 But what is normal in today's computers also here on earth - which are according to leaking sources as Dr.

Even many technological break through like the transistor; fiber optics, microwave, etc. Top officials in all walks of life are now coming forward with this information. He claimed they were into hangars of more than 3,5km length and those had no columns. The ceilings of glowing white "lights". In these big rooms were scout crafts of all kind from m, and technicians working on some.

Book also claims that the ship got through the ocean floor through a force field- door that holds the water back: "… When the ship reaches the surface of the ocean floor, a force-screen will open up and make a foot diameter passage in the water up into the atmosphere. It is possible to move out every ship in this hangar in five minutes! Of course such claims are nearly fairytales for normal, ignorant people of earth who have been deliberately misled and lied to 36 Art picture only as illustration - "dive down to the underwater-ruins of Atlantis" So he saw a lot of different equipment there - FX: "On the right wall there was one long panel of unexplained function.

It was being operated by three men and two girls. It appeared to be a sort of test and analysis device with probes in each stall book tell it was stalls to run the maintenance and repair checks on the craft hangared there. One of them he met this way was the "president" of Korendor!

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He spoke of many important things and he said: "…This immediately brings into view a much needed change for your world. We speak of the Universal Economics System mentioned to you in some of your earlier messages. In the field of science, your world has progressed by leaps and bounds, but you are chained to the inadequacy of a system of economics that is a thousand years obsolete! There are so many benefits to a moneyless economics system that we are surprised you have neglected it so long. It had had a similar situation as earth - with the same "evils root": a money system.

Just now that whole planet was a military state much worse than Soviet has ever been, they said.


The Korendor people were now trying to help that planet by many ways. After this talk of the Wiseman, Bob was taken home: They first teleported him directly to a small scout ship near his home - from which they took him down to some place near, by help of the antigravity-lift-beam. He was most impressed at what he had seen and witnessed on this long trip. Picture from the book.

Art picture from another contact that happened in Holland in the 60ths - which is also made available because of the respected collecting-job of Wendell Stevens - all honor to him!! Is when "Stefan von der Erde" had these meetings with a "water-loving-race" from planet IARGA- whom he met when sailing with his family. From these contact he got a lot of intr. February 4-night contact - 5. They had nearly been watched of a passing car when they flew. So the bigger ship took them up. This happened in South America in Blue pastel colour in the rooms, and grey carpets on the floor. A 2 media column in the center.

Crew of seven include. Bob was now able to get a spacesuit on in the color of polished silver. It was air-conditioned and contained breathing apparatus, a communications device, and a variety of meters and instruments for control of temperature, air pressure, humidity, radiation, etc. Wearing it they could go outside of the craft, as the shoes of it had a adjusted magnetic attraction to the ships hull.

He describes the difficulty of moving in non-gravity, and describes a view from space that we are now used to see from the space-shuttles. He also saw the cosmic dust as "fireflies": " Most of it you would call meteoric dust. It comes from many sources, among them comets, the wreckage of the fifth planet in your system, and the uncountable millions of tons of loose material floating about in space. It can present a hazard if in great enough quantity.

Our ships have shielding force fields to deflect them. Said the ideal 42 And said: " Now, assuming that your Earth had a world-wide program of sex education, and a safe and efficient means of controlling the conception rate, the next step would be to consider the improvement of the stock. If all attempts to help them fail, then sterilization would be the humane way of preventing their defects from being carried on to another generation.

Also, we have developed a method of changing the genetic patterns to eliminate deformities and produce superior strains. It is possible to produce a variety of conditions, such as resistance to disease and, occasionally, to instill certain specific aptitudes such as for music or science.

And he said that some nations "capital punishment in form or for any reason, represents a retention of barbarian ways and indicates the inability of a civilization to deal effectively with its problems. When emotions and unreason rule, there is little opportunity for objectivity and justice. Their solution was not to use punishment. The lawbreakers on their worlds could either admit the wrongdoing or use another method; "Psycho-probe".

The "criminals" lived a free life in a kind of region, isolated from the society else. Their methods seem to be very close to what the Danish Wiseman 43 But here an excerpt from the way the Korendor Alliance did it: "There are no cells, no guards, no walls nothing whatever to restrain the individual physically. If he fails to register, he knows that a search will automatically be undertaken and when he is found, he will be returned to continue his retention. There are repair shops, manufacturing plants, printing or taping units, and a number of other facilities.

The work period is from Galun 6 to Galun 12 daily. Visiting hours are during the free time period from Galun 12 to Galun 18 daily. He would not be able to use his "UnEc" card "work- receipt-card" off base, since the penal cards are red, and would be instantly detected among the green ones used in ordinary life. There is a well stocked library in each dorm and a large main library in the recreational complex. They are required to stay on base, and they know that if they try to leave they will be apprehended and returned within half a day.

They cannot use thief "UnEc" off base. They may not travel from planet to planet. They may not visit home. And they MUST live according to schedule. Also he must remain on the planet, whereas the others may leave at will. He shares the same living quarters, recreational facilities, etc.

Here, too, an education may be obtained when needed. Still, these people feel the psychological walls around them. Under this program, the individual must report once every day to the office in the city nearest him, where he will be probed to determine the effect of the corrective measures. Usually this will take about 20 to 25 days, after which he is free to resume his normal place in society. He is now distinguished by a yellow UnEc card.

He can use this any place in the city of his choice, but nowhere else on his own or any other planet. His card is identified specifically with the certain city he chooses, and is so made that any attempt to alter it will render it VOID in large black letters. Furthermore, he may not leave the city or planet where he has agreed to remain. This is similar to your probation system. We have learned that the brain patterns of criminals are very distinct from those of other people.

A test for those distinctive patterns, which are formed by guilt feelings and aberrant mental functioning, is the first of two probes. If the person has patterns, which indicate the criminal tendencies, then the second probe is used. The probe machine then translates the electromagnetic brain impulses into visible pictures on a telescreen, which correspond to the memory of the crime committed.

In rare instances, it requires surgical correction of brain damage to affect the required rehabilitative measures. As always, education is provided as needed. Here I will insert another cut from a physical contact to a BIG human looking alien-girl from one of the "overlooking ET races" - telling the Australian contact person Michel in of the penal-system used in a far, far distant earth- civilization. This civ. Accused murderers were taken to a special room and left alone.

This was a man who not only possessed a special telepathic gift but who also cultivated that gift in a constant Endeavour, in one or another of the special universities. He would intercept the thoughts of the supposed murderer. The same procedure was applied to witnesses for the prosecution or defence, in another building some distance away. Not a word would be exchanged and, on the two following days, the procedure would be repeated, this time for eight hours.

Non-human figures have been observed both on the craft and on the ground. Sometimes they appear to be collecting samples of our flora and fauna. They take samples of our wildlife and drop dead carcasses, with highly unusual properties, to the ground. They have been observed entering our oceans and rising from them into the air, departing vertically toward space. Thousands contend they have been kidnapped by non-humans in association with these craft and returned to their natural environment.

Others claim that they've had a lifetime of friendly contact. Who can give us the most insight into the alien agenda? We have been conditioned to accept authoritative claims by reputable scientists. Yet many of these claims have impeded scientific progress. Science Was Wrong, my book with Stanton T. Friedman, cites numerous examples of cures, theories and inventions that were declared impossible by well educated, highly respected mainstream scientists who were wrong.

Yet many other scientists are stepping forward, sometimes covertly due to their fear of professional demise, in an attempt to solve this most important mystery. It is indeed unfortunate that intellectual freedom does not extend to ET phenomena. We know that some scientists have made proclamations of impossibility with regard to ET visitation, as have magicians and nay-saying writers. Often, we discover that they belong to a small, vocal group of debunkers whose members have historically attempted to destroy the credibility of UFO and ET contact witnesses. Only a crashed disk and the dead bodies of non-human entities will satisfy them.

Government documents and the eye witness testimony of dozens of witnesses is not enough. Or to discredit witnesses because some people have experienced sleep related hallucinations or out of body experiences?

Printed Matter, Inc.

There are many shades of gray. This is no longer a isolated incident. The history of science has shown us that, over time, fringe science has transitioned from the precipice of impropriety to the arena of scientific respectability. Certainly not all witnesses can provide equally credible information. Some have conscious, continuous memories of abduction and evidence that it was a physically real experience.

Others recall only fragments of a contact experience that seemed dreamlike or similar to an out of body experience. Some have retrieved information through hypnosis, while others have only dreamed it. It is a boiling cauldron of information and misinformation, but out of it we can identify recurring themes and little known commonalities that might give us insight into this most perplexing situation. I and many others have accepted the challenge and put our reputations on the line in search of a higher truth. Hundreds of individuals claiming contact with non-human entities have bestowed upon me the gift of knowledge, to the best of their ability, given the complexities of the situation.

I have learned that our visitors rarely interact with humans during the light of day. Nor do they seek volunteers to participate in their experiments. Their visits generally occur under the cover of darkness and often when we are asleep. They might have begun with an initial contact in an isolated area.

People going about their business were snatched from lonely roads or deep forests. Once they had been contacted, they were in all probability revisited in their own homes and transported to an alien environment. If they had children, they too might have been taken. Human subjects almost always report having been immobilized and rendered into an altered state of consciousness. These non-humans have not openly recruited human subjects for medical experiments or requested consent from the individuals they have visited. Experiencers report that these non-human entities treat them like an inferior species, behaving like scientists whose ethical values allow for experimentation, without consent.

Some humans are favored by their captors and might be assigned special responsibilities. They might calm the fears of other human subjects or assist in procuring other family members. Some are shown images of impending disasters on Earth through visual images presented on a screen, as a vision, or a hologram. In some cases, they are shown what appears to be a dying planet, possibly their own. Information is downloaded to the human subject warning of an environmental disaster.

Cautionary statements are made about nuclear disasters. Humans are informed that we have not been good stewards of our planet. There is seldom a mutual exchange of ideas. However, a small percentage of humans are favored by the ETs and receive information about their planet, culture, history, and goals. In , Denise Stoner, an experiencer and long time UFO and ET contact investigator, and I discussed the importance of obtaining quantitative documentation of the characteristics that experiencers have in common.

So much of our prior knowledge amounted to the subjective interpretation of experiencer recall. We humans tend to funnel anecdotal information through our personal experiences and interpret it subjectively. This leads to a biased interpretation of the evidence that might not be objectively accurate. In an effort to quantify commonalities among the ET contact population, we designed and distributed two questionnaires to self-identified experiencers.

We were attempting to identify little known commonalities among experiencers. Experiencers are often very clear on whether or not they have been abducted. Seventy five volunteers participated in our study. Some participants have names well known in the UFO field, whereas others had not reported their experiences to an investigative group. Regardless of their notoriety, for this study their identities will remain anonymous. We wanted to ascertain that commonalities among experiencers were not prevalent in the general population. They were not.

Several participants contacted us with additional information that was very helpful indeed. We asked each group to identify the size of the city or town in which they reside. We wanted to test whether or not a trend could be established. These statistics indicate that no trend could be established. But the difference is not statistically significant. The experiencer group fell into several separate categories. This was a significant finding. It caused me to wonder if the participants in my study were different than the norm. This is another elevated statistic indicating that I was receiving information from a special group.

A significant percentage of the participants in this study met the criteria for having experienced a real abduction. The criteria for this is conscious, continuous recall of a close encounter with a UFO and missing time. Their feelings of sadness and their mood swings have persisted throughout their lifetime.

This group was more likely to report abuse by their ET captors. Additionally, those who reported traumatic memories of being abused by ETs are more likely to feel sad as adults. Yet 11 stated that their experiences were pleasurable. The fearful group used one or more coping mechanisms to deal with their fear or anxiety including, talking with a supportive, non-judgmental person, meditation or relaxation exercises, prayer, and writing about their experiences. This is a very small percentage, but it might be an indicator that the loss of fear improves sleep quality.

Experiencers consistently report being transported through solid surfaces, telepathic communication, light orbs that expand into non-human entities, poltergeist activity in their homes soon after a contact experience , and new psychic abilities. I began to wonder if this poltergeist activity was somehow related to reports of electromagnetic anomalies around experiencers soon after contact with ETs. Some reported that light bulbs blow out or blink off and on and the hands on their watches spin. One participant stated that the time clock at his place of employment malfunctions only for him and only after a contact experience has occurred.

Sometimes street lights blink out when they drive or walk under them. To answer this question, Denise and I have begun experiments to determine whether or not there are strong electrical or electromagnetic fields around the bodies of experiencers immediately after contact. To date we have measured significantly elevated electrical fields around the bodies of 5 experiencers that were not present in the ambient environment or on control subjects that were measured at the same time. The sample size is too small to assert that this is conclusive evidence, but we found it interesting.

Denise and I will continue our research and hope that others will join us and give us feedback. One person reported that they have always been psychic and another noted that his or her psychic abilities increased. This gift persisted for an extended period of time for some of the participants, but not for others.

On a less positive note, there was an elevated level of chronic fatigue syndrome or chronic mononucleosis in the experiencer group. This is a highly significant finding. Reports of such a high rate of CFIDS among abduction experiencers should be taken seriously by the medical community.

One has to wonder if exposure to an alien environment is causing illness among humans. Is it related to the sunburn that some experiencers notice when they arrive home? Could it be caused by the alien technology that allows the transfer of a human body through a solid structure? Is it the result of a sleep disorder? If ET contact were taken seriously perhaps we'd already have answers to some of these questions. Patterned bruises were found on the upper arm, as if the experiencer had been grasped tightly on each side.

Scoop marks were reported on arms, ankles, behind knees, or on feet. Burn marks were on upper backs and sunburn like rashes were reported, sometimes on the entire body. Several participants mentioned plastic-like filaments, the size of a strand of hair, coming from various locations on their bodies; similar to what is found in Morgellons disease. One reported that her vaginal wall had been punctured. In , a woman presented photographic evidence to me showing that her labia minora had been precisely severed in what she stated were two separate abductions.

Her medical reports revealed no evidence that they had been surgically excised by a plastic surgeon. Her physician wrote that they had atrophied. The late Budd Hopkins reported to me that he had a similar case. One female respondent reported to me that although she is not sexually active, she contracted a venereal disease during an abduction experience.

Another reported that her hysterectomy was the direct result of damage caused by her treatment by non-human entities. I did not ask multiple choice questions, due to my concern about offering leading suggestions. Several participants reported the same unique details that had not been publicized by other researchers. One respondent reported being taken from a vehicle only. The procurement scenario was described as follows: The experiencer heard a ringing tone similar to tinnitus in their ears, followed by a tingling sensation, paralysis, lightness and rapid movement.

Four reported that they experienced pain during this process, as if their essence was being deconstructed and then reconstructed when they reached the craft. Three mentioned bright light, whereas two spoke of only blackness. The other 27 stated that they had not observed a device. A light, a magnetic field, and an electric shock were mentioned. All three of the respondents who stated that a technological device was used to control their behavior indicated that they did not believe they have been physically taken to a craft. One reported that a force field held him in place.

Another stated a device was used to control large groups of humans, mostly through mind control. One experiencer reported he had studied mind control and hypnosis and was able to break the spell and rise up. He said ETs reaction was one of confusion, as if they did not know what to do. They seemed to have a hive mentality and moved away from him.

Communication came in the form of telepathy for all except one experiencer. He stated that there was no communication whatsoever. Six stated that they also heard voices. Two reported holographic images that elicited an emotional response from the experiencer. One was shown an image of his deceased father as if he were alive, and on another occasion, his dog.

A woman was shown her daughter lying dead on the floor and was informed by the ETs that she was responsible for her death. This image evoked a very strong emotional response. The others did not mention the content of the images, but one trend came through loud and clear. It appears that the ETs are interested in human emotional responses, both positive and negative. Only 1 of 30 felt that an interdimensional door had opened. This individual had very little memory of his experiences aboard the craft and might have been reporting what he'd heard elsewhere.

One person stated that the Greys gather light energy through collectors and harness it for antigravity. They use electromagnetic grids to navigate on our planet. Water and another chemical are mixed for fuel.