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Livelli I livelli dei membri indicano il grado di partecipazione di un utente in un forum. Scelta di una tua risposta come risposta migliore. Valutazione dei tuoi post come utili. This is one of my top reads and I loved every second of reading this. Mar 02, Katie rated it it was amazing. Well, I seem to be reading some awesome books this past week. The Undesirable is no exception, man this was a fantastic dystopian and I really want book 2, The Resistance now. The writing style and the world created for this book were fantastic. There was such an easy flow and the characters were very lovable.

There is a war between the US and Canada over oil and petrol. Stock Well, I seem to be reading some awesome books this past week. A rebel, Maxwell Cooper took over the country and became the new leader after the President was assassinated everybody knows Maxwell had this done, but no evidence proves this. Maxwell has turned the country into slave labour and if you are classed as an Undesirable, you are killed on the spot. You cannot go against Maxwell or his beliefs and you can definitely not be pro Canada. The whole town knew her Mother was a local lady of the night and she got teased about it at school.

School was all about Maxwell Cooper and getting his beliefs drummed into you. If you were a good soldier, you became a Homeland Guard, if not you worked the factory. Escaping the hum drum of her life, Charlotte went for a walk after curfew and was lying down in a field staring up at the stars. Hearing footsteps, she startled when Fostino came behind her and sat with her. This was the first of many visits with each other and they soon became friends, then more. Fostino was a Homeland Guard and pro Maxwell Cooper.

The very next day, the whole town was forced to be counted and become a drone, either working in the factory 6 days a week or an Undesirable. Taken around the corner to a park, she was shot dead. Learning she must keep her mouth shut and work as hard as she could, Charlotte would not become an Undesirable. Meeting up with Fostino was the only light in her darkened world, feeling all alone, she has nothing but him. One night walking home from the factory, she is approached by a man.

Should I tell Fostino? How long before they came for me? Should I trust Thompson? What had I done to deserve this? BUT things are not what Charlotte thought and now Fostino is being threatened and could become an Undesirable. Charlotte is determined to rescue him and tell him of her love. His breath is hot in my mouth, his tongue fills the space, and his arms haul me to his body. I return it because I need it. Deep underground, hidden from the hell that aways us, the moment is ours and ours along. Will she be captured by The Party? Is Charlotte an Undesirable even though she has done nothing but work her fingers to the bone for them?

Is there a life in Canada for her, safe and free? I loved this concept and it really hits home that it could be a possibility in reality one day. True love and dystopian, this was a fabulous mix and there is so much potential with so many directions that it can go in. Highly recommend to all young adult readers. Mar 15, Arely rated it really liked it.

The Undesirable is a futuristic no space ships or anything novel that takes place in the United States. Honestly, it's kind of like a light version of "post-apocalyptic" novels. No apocalypse has happened, but there's a dictator and everything is monitored. Movies, TV stations, everything.

The Undesirable

The reason behind this is that the government doesn't want people knowing too much. Charlotte is an independent, year-old girl whose mother doesn't care about her. She's been taking care of herself for a l The Undesirable is a futuristic no space ships or anything novel that takes place in the United States. She's been taking care of herself for a long time now—after all, her mother doesn't—and is all alone. Then there's Fostino, a year-old boy in the Homeland Guard.

Charlotte describes him as having exotic looks, and has a crush on him.

He always comes across as being a "true believer," or someone who believes in what the Party the dictator's government does. The first chapter is more of a prologue, giving us a view in what's happening at the moment.

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And then the second chapter and onwards describes how it all started. From then on, we start understanding what's happening more and more. Through each chapter, we see what led Charlotte to make the choices we see in the first chapter.

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This goes on until the end of Part One, where we catch up to right before the events of the first chapter. Right around the middle of the book there's Part Two, that starts where the first chapter left off. From then on we know the whole background and everything, and that's where the real action begins. Not that there isn't action during Part One—there is—but since there doesn't have to be much explaining about history and how things got as bad as they did, there's more room for action.

I really liked the set up. The author gave us a tease in the first chapter that keeps us wanting to read more. Charlotte was a strong character who questioned why they were doing what they were doing. The beginning of Part One was a little slow at times, mostly because the author was explaining the history and the goings-on of the time period. And that's understandable. It is, after all, the year The book is mostly action, but the author manages to have some romance in there.

Fostino and Charlotte fall in love with each other, but Charlotte doesn't know if she can fully trust him. At times I felt as if Fostino and Charlotte's romance happened really quickly, since it kind of escalated rather quickly. There were also some inconsistencies in the book. They were minor, but they still distracted me a little.

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  5. There's a few occurrences where I was left wondering if I had read something right and, going back and re-reading, wondering why it said something different later on. One specific example is that in the beginning, Charlotte describes that she often caught Fostino looking at her, sometimes even catching his eye when she was laughing with her friends.

    However, a little while later, Charlotte says she doesn't have any friends and that she grew up alone. Even with the minor inconsistencies, this book kept me interested enough to keep turning the pages and wanting to know what Charlotte was going to do and how the book was going to end. The book, being part of a series, ends with some problems resolved and some bigger ones ready for resolving in the next book of the series.

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    I recommend this book for people who like light versions of post-apocalypse novels Post-Apocalypse Lite? Mar 01, Mariela Ochoa rated it really liked it Shelves: Contrary to popular belief, self-published e-books do not all suck. There are some diamonds in the rough. It took me three days to read it - only because I have to sleep, eat, and work. Is that enough to demonstrate how hooked it had me? The year is The U. Anne Phillips was elected as the Contrary to popular belief, self-published e-books do not all suck.

    Anne Phillips was elected as the first female president and was assassinated by a radical group led by the Speaker of the House, Maxwell Cooper. Not only was she killed, two-thirds of her cabinet were annihilated, yet Cooper was never tried for his crimes. Instead, he led a political uproar and became the Supreme Leader of the U. The Party's primary goal is to spread perfection over the United States by eliminating undesirables: the old, the weak, the ill. Innocent citizens are killed left and right if they do not fit the criteria set forth by The Party.

    Those who live, live hungry and afraid every second of each day. Charlotte Walker is 18 years old. She lives in a small town in Ohio with her alcoholic mom. Things are only getting worse. The invisible miracle of love finds it way to Charlotte as it magnetizes her to Faustino Sanchez, a soldier of The Party. Charlotte does not approve of The Party, yet her bond with Faustino grows as they days pass, despite their opposing political views. He is the only thing keeping her sane. But, all good things must come to an end.

    Charlotte finds out about a dreadful secret, which proves that she is the ultimate undesirable and becomes the most hunted person in the U. If she thought her life was bad before, it is really bad now. She must choose between her happiness and the hope of an entire country. I had a good time reading this. It had a ton of action that had me glued to my ereader. An issue I had, which separated this from a 5 heart to a 4 heart review, was that an important facet of this story was centered around Charlotte's relationships - with her mother, with Faustino, with her environment.

    These relationships are very superficial, like they were brushed over. I would've liked for Celi to dredge up Charlotte's soul; while I did understand how Charlotte felt, I felt that I was reading about her instead of reading through her. So, I felt she was very detached, even though the emphasis of these relationships and emotions built the plot. One other thing was that there were two instances in which the suspense was given away.

    In some of the dialogue, upcoming situations were given away and caused the suspense to wither. I would've enjoyed not knowing what was going to happen until it did. Like I said, I was hooked. Celi is a great story teller and this book proves it. It was like watching an action film through words. It is the first of the Undesirable series. I am soooo ready for book 2! Buy it and read it!

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    They're killing everyone. They're killing anyone. I am not well-versed in history, especially in American history, but I sometimes find myself questioning if all of these were real. The setting and the vibe the author created was engaging "Can't you see what's happening? The setting and the vibe the author created was engaging. Charlotte is a very likable character. It may be okay to use it once or twice but as I read, I found myself high lighting every part where she uses that expression. Fostino…well, for one he has a very unique name.

    I find him really plain in the first part of the book and I wished he was revealed as a traitor in Part Two just for the heck of it and for the author to give him something more about him. The thing I liked the most about these two, other than this story is not about their undying love for each other, is that they believe in opposite things. That was one reason why I wanted Fostino to betray Charlotte.

    The fact that they have conflicting beliefs made it more exciting. I wish the action is not just in this book. This did not influence my review in any way. I loved everything about this book and I want to read the second book as soon as possible. Sara's debut novel is a terrific ride with strong characters, action, romance and a lot of suspense. In a city where everybody must do what the oppressor Maxwell Cooper wants, love and freedom are forbidden.

    Charlotte Walker and Fostino Sanchez know this more than everybody. They live under the rule of The Party and if they try to escape, they will be consi ''The Undesirable'' is definitely an unique read. They live under the rule of The Party and if they try to escape, they will be considered The Undesirables. Only that Char is Maxwell's bastard daughter and he wants to kill her. She must run away from her hometown, Harrison Corners and from Fostino, too. Although she can't live without the love of her life, Fostino.

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    Charlotte is willing to do everything she can to save him. But that means she must return to Harrison Corners, exactly when all the people are dying. Only true love is the way Like I already said, I loved this everything about this book. They had many sexy and romantic moments, just like they had sad and difficult ones. The author did a great job with the evil characters, although Maxwell Cooper doesn't appear in person, he is just mentioned by the characters.

    Hope he will make an appearance in the second volume. Overall, I highly recommend you this book. I don't know why, but ''The Undesirables'' reminds me a little bit of ''Hunger Games'' and ''Divergent''. Anyway, I am so lucky that I had the opportunity to read it because it is that kind of book that pleases you. That girl is pretty hot, it is in deed Charlotte Walker. Well, I think I said enough, just go and read this awesomeness! My Thoughts: If it isn't obvious already per my reviews I am a huge dystopian fan.

    I was first really intrigued by the cover of this one and also the title. I really enjoyed this book, it was a fast and engaging read and time flew by while I was enjoying this book. Everything changes when t My Thoughts: If it isn't obvious already per my reviews I am a huge dystopian fan.

    Everything changes when the Party comes to Charlotte's town. Her town is now going to be a part of the war effort, and every person who qualifies is going to be working in a factory every day making shirts. They are forced to give up all of their electronic possessions although none of them work anymore. Charlotte has had a crush on Fostino Sanchez for years, although she has never talked to him and only gazed at him from a far while passing him in the hallways at school.

    Charlotte was a great main character, she was strong on the outside but, on the inside she was freaking out just like every other person. The book moved fast and there was plenty of action but, one of the things that disappointed me was that at the end of the book it never felt like enough happened in the plot for me. But, I still really enjoyed the dystopian world, learning about how the government worked and I am definitely wanting the next book to find out even more about the world that Celi created it was definitely a memorable one for a huge dystopian fan like me.

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    Given this, I argue that the thesis must be understood as proposing substantive content restrictions on how human agents perceive objects of their desires; it cannot be a purely formal constraint. Moreover, while proponents of the guise of the good thesis who posit substantive content restrictions on human desire are right to do so, they are mistaken to claim that we always desire the apparently good. Instead, I propose a different limit: the naturally attractive. Volume 99 , Issue 1. The full text of this article hosted at iucr. If you do not receive an email within 10 minutes, your email address may not be registered, and you may need to create a new Wiley Online Library account.

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