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More importantly, DF technologies such as OptimusTM that are applied across multiple data collection sources can enable a researcher to decide whether he or she wants to block machines that have been identified as engaging in suspect behavior, or merely tag them so that they can assess the quality of data that they have provided at the back end of the survey. If one of these has been identified in the past as having engaged in suspect behavior, then they can be eliminated up front from participating in a survey, thus saving time and cost at the back end and improving the de facto quality of the survey itself.

What does ORD tell us about these 21 million respondents? Digital Fingerprinting is not the solution to online data and sample quality problems. It is a solution, available right now, that can combine with industry initiatives, guidelines, standards and training to produce a quality product. And that is what we, research companies, data collectors and clients all want.

Though you're welcome to continue on your mobile screen, we'd suggest a desktop or notebook experience for optimal results. Digital Fingerprinting and Sample Quality — Part 2. To name just a few: We can come together as an industry to lay down guidelines and standards for online research and data gathering.

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These, in addition to the ESOMAR 26 questions, lay the groundwork for real professionalism in the industry, together with learning that can be passed down through the ranks as to how to do good online research in which we can have confidence. As part of this, we can tighten up our panel recruitment practices.

The example below is just one of a multitude that exist out there. We can start to eat our own dog food. By that I mean that we can knuckle down and start designing surveys that are not only a whole lot shorter, but also more engaging to the respondent.

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We have known about Flash and other techniques for making surveys more interesting and involving for ages, yet how many of us truly use them on a regular basis? Is it better to give clients reliable data or trendable data? And who has not heard of side-by-side trials?

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At its most innocent, a duplicate is where someone may be a member of more than one panel and be presented with the same survey on both. At the other end of the spectrum are people — and, indeed, survey factories — who deliberately enter surveys multiple times in order to maximize the cash value of their participation.


The fact that they can do so is a function of their ability to get around most of the safeguards that are normally put in place. For example, they can delete cookies, come in under different email addresses or change their IP address.

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  • Geo-IP violation : simply stated, this involves a person who takes a survey as if they were in one country, but in fact are in another. So, for example, if your survey looks for people in the US, a person from China could take the survey and claim to be in the US. At its most simple and innocent , this could be a traveling business person.

    At its most deviant and more usual it could be a survey factory in China using either people or bots to take surveys on a fraudulent basis.

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    Simple IP checking can eliminate this unless, of course, the factory is using proxy servers Speedsters : these are people who take a survey and zip through it in record time. They will also usually provide garbage answers to open-ended questions. Is this a bad thing or not?

    The Reliable Application of Fingerprint Evidence by Brandon Garrett - UCLA Law Review

    Do we want to put limits on this type of behavior or not? Cross-Panel Accounts : does it matter if someone is on 6 panels? Do we want to flag such people to see if their data differ from others?

    Do we want these people in our surveys? Should they be flagged for separate analysis?

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