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I helped facilitate the drafting of terms of reference for a Senior Citizen with specialisations in Engineering, IT and Project Management. I even took part in the selection of same…Long story short? That Senior Citizen replaced me, in ways so unconventional, I never saw it coming.

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The future looks more stable! Mosidi, Lulu Moraka.

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Mid-life Crisis: An Outdated Myth?

Toggle navigation. Name required. Email will not be published required. The idea that everyone experiences a midlife crisis comes from a small study conducted in by a Canadian psychoanalyst named Elliott Jaques who found that in his 40s, a man he only studied men begins to see the end of his life approaching and recognizes that he will die before he can realize his dreams. Later, Gail Sheehy wrote the book Passages, which solidified the midlife crisis as an inevitability in our culture. Suddenly all middle-aged men experienced a crisis at 40 and needed a sports car and trophy wife.

In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. Instead, the researchers found that, around the world, people experience a low-point in happiness during middle-age. The low-point in lifetime happiness seems to happen at 45 when people feel overburdened by challenges like raising kids, financial pressure, and career stress, while also realizing all their dreams might not come true.

The good news is that, if you wait long enough, life will get better. Our brains get happier as we get older. So while you might not experience the hedonistic happiness of becoming a Hollywood star or starting your own company, you can still live a rich, meaningful life filled with purpose. Are there certain experiences or life approaches which can help people avoid the so-called mid-life crisis altogether?

You have to develop resilience and hardiness, which requires experiencing some challenges. Hardship gives you perspective. Second, what happy, fulfilled people do in midlife is to pivot away from material accumulation a better job, a bigger house, more cars towards finding their purpose in life.

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Purpose can be big or small. It's clear that having a purpose is critical to thriving throughout middle-age, but what does a purpose driven life look like? Carlo Strenger, a brilliant Israeli psychologist and philosopher, wrote extensively about self-acceptance during midlife. Strenger introduced the concept of Sosein, a core essence of who we are as individuals.

The Midlife Crisis Myth: 7 Questions with Barbara Hagerty | Beth El Congregation

People commonly define their Sosein in the context of their job. Every employer wants their staff to be productive and happy, but a lack of career purpose leads people to become unproductive. One of the things that hold people back from living their Sosein, especially regarding their career, is a fear of money. You need less money than you think you do to pursue your passion. Reorient your thinking: prioritize a purpose-driven career with less money over material objects like a larger house that comes with an unnecessary financial burden and forces you to stay in a job you don't like. Why is that?

The hallmark of midlife is you stop investing exclusively in yourself your career and personal wealth and begin to invest your time and money into things outside of yourself.

Midlife Crisis: as misleading myth or a reality in need of a new name?

For most people, it's their kids, but it can also be your community. Investing in your friendships and causes can give you a sense of meaning.

Does Everyone Have a 'Midlife Crisis'?

How do we contribute to the world? How can we help the next generation flourish? Volunteering your time or expertise is a great way to answer these questions and find meaning beyond yourself.

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How can a person stay positive even when their lives are going through such a significant transition? Your approach to life, health, relationships, and career really does matter - gratitude is essential. But cultivating a positive attitude, and relying on friends and family, is a proactive approach that will help you feel better and find meaning in your situation. The result of positive thinking is extraordinary: people shift away from dwelling on their problems and begin to focus on things that matter.