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Bipolar - A Narration Of Manic Depression (Full Short Film - English)

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Campus Life. Deficits in theory of mind decoding among individuals with bipolar disorder compared to normal controls have been well documented, particularly in the manic phase 2 ; however, the current study appears to be the first to compare deficits across disease phases. Expression of symptoms that affected functional performance were more severe in manic and hypomanic states than in depressed or euthymic phases of bipolar disorder and correlated with poor performance on tests of executive function. The authors reported that a particularly interesting finding of the study was the greater degree of social functional deficits in the manic group compared to depressed and euthymic counterparts, which was attributable, at least in part, to poorer ability to read eye expression.

Recognizing a Manic or Hypomanic Episode

According to the investigators, these results point to the need for further study to identify whether deficits across bipolar phases vary in all individuals, to investigate overlaps in symptoms of thought disorder in both psychosis and bipolar disorder, and to investigate the role of interference in theory of mind decoding in all phases of bipolar disorder. The manic phase of bipolar disorder significantly impairs theory of mind decoding. Psychiatry Res.

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