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Realise there's nothing you can do about it. You never know what will be the last thing you say to someone. On a transport ship leaving earth, a passenger kills time by scrolling through the messages of their social media feed. As the ship leaves and moves further and further away from home, the delay between sending messages and their arrival lengthens.


What feels like minutes on the ship is hours, days, weeks, even years back on Earth. Each refresh of the timeline is a tiny window into the past. Using the thesaurus. Close What are red words? Close Thesaurus. Other entries for this word.

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To waste time, or to pass time doing unimportant things: fritter away , fiddle around , knock around The above was automatically compiled via DPL , result from cache, age: of max 1 day - if you think that's not up-to-date , refresh it by visiting this link please, use sparingly, since it puts some additional load on the server. Jump to: navigation , search. Spoiler Warning : Information below this point can be considered spoiler material!

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Requires access to adventure pack Definition: adventure pack A list of all adventure packs : Dragonblood Prophecy. Tier 3 end game raid Tier 3 end game raid : ML raid loot.

The Chronoscope - again? Sariyon Dran-Dal. Free to Play :. Extreme Challenge :. Ring of the Silver Tongue.

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In addition, while using this item your weapons have a chance to envelop the target in darkness, making them vulnerable to sneak attacks for a short time. Identity Crisis Identity Crisis : Enemies hit by this weapon are plagued by visions of their past and future selves, significantly slowing their movement.

In addition, the base critical threat range of this weapon is doubled. This does not stack with Improved Critical feat. Utter Disintegration Utter Disintegration : This weapon has a dark, insidious power deep within. Occasionally, this power lashes out violently at enemies and attempts to disintegrate them.

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This disintegrate is incredibly powerful and will utterly destroy weaker foes. Byeshk Byeshk : Byeshk is effective against Mind Flayers and other aberrations.

Bracers of the Mountain.