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Ryle ". Outside of the Bible, this is the only book over pages I have ever read. Practical Religion by JC Ryle will be my next. Holiness Written in is timeless because it speaks of the Love and Gace Ryle's book is timeless and practical for Christian living in today's modern society. I highly recommend this book for anyone serious about serving Christ our Lord!

What is Holiness? | Practical Philosophy and Rational Religion

The Ruler of the Waves. The Church Which Christ Builds. Visible Churches Warned. Lovest Thou Me? Thirst Relieved. Unsearchable Riches. Wants of the Times. We try to be pure inwardly, rooting out tempting thoughts and situations. We fear God as children who stand in awe respecting the Father who loves them perfectly. We want to be faithful in doing what God gives us to do. We focus our minds on things above, not only on the shadows they cast here on earth.

We need to persistently work on our own spiritual growth, and be patient with others as they progress. But while we grow to become more holy practically, we are confident of being holy positionally before God.

Why every seminary student should read J. C. Ryle’s Holiness

We should never be satisfied to be saved without change. It is in what we do that proves the work of Christ on our hearts. Our works do not cause salvation or earn it. You were bought with a price, and now belong to your Savior.

Why every seminary student should read J. C. Ryle’s Holiness — Southern Equip

The Heidelberg Catechism begins Q1 by confessing this,. We should stand out as having a morality that honors Christ, and a humility that fits a humble sinner who confesses Christ as his Savior. Our behavior, our beliefs, even our words, will make us seem different to the world. This is what Christ calls us to be in him.

He does not call us to be strange by wearing out-dated clothes, acting awkwardly or inappropriately. We are to be different because Christ is first, and his honor stands above our own comforts and wants.

Strange because by faith we see the forest, and not just a collection of personally useful trees. Strange because we really care for sinners around us, and not just for what we can gain for ourselves. But as we grow in that uniqueness of being a child of God we have evidence that we are declared holy by grace.

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You will do just nothing at all, and make no progress till you feel your sin and weakness, and flee to him. He is the root and beginning of all holiness, and the way to be holy is to come to him by faith and be joined to him. Christ is not wisdom and righteousness only to his people, but sanctification also. Men sometimes try to make themselves holy first of all, and sad work they make of it. They toil and labour and turn over many new leaves and make many changes, and yet … they feel nothing bettered, but rather worse.

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He reminds us that in John we are told that Without Christ we can do nothing. Expect him to keep his word.

He will, and it will make you different. Note: Bible quotations are from the English Standard Version unless otherwise noted. Back to the index of Our Reformed Heritage. You must be logged in to post a comment. To be what God calls us to be, we need to understand what God himself says about it.

The Pursuit of Holiness by David Bernard

A very helpful and classic work on Holiness was written by J. Holiness means to be separated out, to be unique in some way. All true believers are declared to be holy in Christ. These things God calls us to do take time. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. The articles posted on this website are here to provide information about the Bible and specific topics related to the Reformed Faith along with it's application in our daily thoughts and activities.