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Purina Animal Nutrition.

For horses, miniature horses and ponies to perform their best, they need the correct nutritional building blocks. Just like people, all equines need protein, vitamins and minerals, as well as energy calories to support maintenance, growth, reproduction and work.

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Forage In nature, horses spend most of their time eating — grazing grasses and other plants. All equines need forage for calories and other nutrients, as well as fiber to help keep the digestive tract healthy. Insufficient fiber can lead to digestive problems such as colic. Hay and pasture need to be high quality for horses. The equine digestive tract does not handle poor quality forage efficiently, and very poor-quality forage may increase the risk of digestive problems. Horses, minis and ponies need at least For example: a pound miniature horse needs at least When fed free choice, forage intake may greatly exceed the minimum recommended amount.

Horse Feed Nutrients Mature equines can often maintain their body weight and condition on the calories provided by hay or pasture alone. However, there are some necessary nutrients commonly lacking in forages, including some minerals in fresh pasture, or amino acids, vitamins and minerals in hay.

Horse Feed Nutrients

Additionally, growing horses, broodmares and working horses usually need an additional source of calories. There are many feeds to choose from to meet these additional nutrient needs.

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Heartwarming is the word for the work they do as companion and therapy partners of physically and emotionally challenged humans. It is this rugged terrian which gives its character to the Connemara Ponies whose sure-footedness, incredible stamia, honest and reliable temperament, and natural aptitude for jumping make them popular favorites in such countries as America, France, Germany, South Africa, Australlia, Denmark, and of course the Bristish. Mention is made of individual studs which have significantly influenced each breed. Basic riding skills, road safety, behavioral problems, and simple health problems are also covered.

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Color illustrations. Plus tips on riding and driving a pony.

Color photos. The appendix includes a directory of the most popular breeds in America. The farms on this list would be happy to assist you by answering your questions and maybe even offering a tour of their farm. The World Show Qualification rules have changed.

The New Qualification rule was voted in as an up to 3 year trial starting in For more information click Here. American Miniature Horse Association.

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Welcome to the exciting world of the American Miniature Horse. As a member of AMHA, you will become an integral part of one of the world's fastest growing equine associations, joining more than 12, enthusiasts in over 30 countries already enjoying membership.

The American Miniature Horse Association promotes the breeding, use and perpetuation of a standard of equine excellence in miniature.

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Horses registered with AMHA must meet the Association Standard of Perfection and cannot exceed 34 inches in height measured from the last hairs of the mane. Whether your interest is showing, breeding or recreation, AMHA offers rewarding programs, opportunities and a wide variety of resources to expand your involvement with this special equine known as the American Miniature Horse.

Click Image for current MHW. Calendar Wallpaper.

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