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Where is El Dorado? The legend of El Dorado got its start around or so, when Spanish conquistadors began hearing rumors coming out of the unexplored northern Andes Mountains. The rumors said that there was a king who covered himself with gold dust before jumping into a lake as part of a ritual.

The Muisca were conquered and the lake was dredged. Some gold was recovered, but not very much: the greedy conquistadors refused to believe that the meager pickings from the lake represented the "real" El Dorado and vowed to keep searching. The central and northern parts of the Andes Mountains having been explored and no city of gold found, the location of the legendary city changed: now it was believed to be east of the Andes, in the steamy foothills.

Dozens of expeditions set out from coastal towns like Santa Marta and Coro and highland settlements like Quito. Notable explorers included Ambrosius Ehinger and Phillipp von Hutten. One expedition set out from Quito, led by Gonzalo Pizarro.

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Pizarro turned back, but his lieutenant Francisco de Orellana kept going east, discovered the Amazon River and followed it to the Atlantic Ocean. By now, the eastern Andes had been fairly well explored and the largest unknown space that remained was the mountains of Guyana in northeast South America. Explorers conceived of a great kingdom there which had split off from the mighty and rich Inca of Peru. It was alleged that the city of El Dorado - now often called Manoa as well - was on the shores of a great lake named Parima. Many men tried to make it to the lake and the city during the period from about the greatest of these seekers was Sir Walter Raleigh , who made a trip there in and a second one in : he found nothing but died believing that the city was there, just out of reach.

As explorers reached every corner of South America, the space available for a large, wealthy city like El Dorado to hide became smaller and smaller and people gradually became convinced that El Dorado had been nothing but a myth to begin with. After securing permission from the King of Spain, the two men spent five years in the Spanish Americas, engaged in an unprecedented scientific study. Humboldt and Bonpland searched for El Dorado and the lake where it was supposed to be, but found nothing and concluded that El Dorado had always been a myth.

This time, most of Europe agreed with them. Although only a handful of crackpots still believe in the legendary lost city, the legend has made its way into popular culture.