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It had been two years since Damon escaped the Augustine cell, and he still had his humanity switched off. On November 8, , during Election night, a lady asked Damon for a interview. She asked him questions related to the terrible fire at Whitmore House and then tried to attack him with a vervain injection, but Damon easily stopped her.

When he found out that she was an Augustine member he ripped her head off. Decades later Damon finds out that the girl he killed was actually Enzo's one true love, Maggie James. Damon and Will. Damon lived in New York City during the 70's, where he maintained a wild life full of parties and feeding off of people. At the time, he still had his humanity switch off and he killed locals of New York; a soon to be fed upon victim asked if he was the Son of Sam, to which Damon replied, "Son of Giuseppe, but close enough". Damon was friends with Will , another vampire, who ran a bar and let Damon feed on the people there, while in exchange, Damon stole his victim's ID's for him.

Lexi had eventually found Damon and told him that she and Stefan had heard all about Damon's current life and that Stefan was worried for him.

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Lexi tried to help Damon get his humanity back, but Damon rejected her offer. However, Lexi was stubborn and she stuck with Damon for the following six months. She had gotten Damon to talk about Katherine Pierce , thinking that if he talks about her, his switch will flip on. Damon tricks Lexi into thinking that his humanity was back and the two have a night full of wild sex. The next morning, Lexi woke up on a roof because the sunlight was burning her skin. She tried to escape by opening the door to get into Billy's, but it was locked.

Then she found out the truth: Damon had tricked her. Damon told her that it was his way of getting back at her for annoying him for the past six months. He ditched Lexi on the roof thereafter, leaving her trapped until nightfall. It was revealed in The Cell , that Damon turned off his humanity in the 's because he couldn't deal with the pain of leaving Enzo behind while escaping from the Augustine Society.

Damon visits Stefan. In April after Kurt Cobain died , Damon with his humanity still off, shows up on Stefan's doorstep, wanting to make amends. Zach Salvatore , the owner of the house and their nephew, allows Damon in on Stefan's promise that he'll keep him in line. Zach has been living with Gail who is pregnant with his child. Stefan warns Damon to stay away from them claiming that both of them are on vervain.

One day, at a party, Damon flirts with a young Liz Forbes. Stefan takes a picture of Zach and Gail and notices bite marks on Gail's wrist. He then confronts Damon about feeding on Gail and after Damon compels Liz to forget ever meeting him, Damon breezily confesses that he swapped out Zach and Gail's vervained coffee for a little in-house feeding. An angry Stefan reminds Damon that these people trust them and then snaps his neck. Damon wakes up in the shed without his daylight ring.

Stefan wants to know what Damon's really doing there, and Damon says he wanted to feel a connection to his humanity again. He tries to convince Stefan to go on a road trip with him. Instead, Stefan reminds Damon of all the times he's ruined his life and how he can't seem to help doing it. Damon gets it that its a no for a road trip then. On May 10, , Stefan and Zach hear screams and rush to the library to find bodies everywhere and Damon covered in blood, holding Gail hostage. He demands his daylight ring back from Stefan, who returns it, realizing he'll never be rid of Damon.

Damon gives his own version of their past. Damon says, "In , I showed you who you were, Stefan. In I gave you your freedom and in I almost killed your best friend because it should have been you there to help me. You owe me. It'll take you an eternity to pay me back. Then he kills Gail by attacking her and leaves. Damon turns a woman named Isobel into a vampire after she asked to be turned by him.

He will later meet and fall in love with her daughter Elena Gilbert who will also be turned into a vampire by his blood but not on purpose. He remarks that Elena is a "dead ringer" for the brothers' former shared love, Katherine Pierce. He also displays his strength in comparison with Stefan, pointing out how much of a disadvantage it is for Stefan to drink only animal blood. In Pilot , Damon claims his first two victims at the very opening of the episode but makes his presence known in a more theatrical way by attacking Vicki Donovan in the woods.

Later, when Elena visits the Salvatore Boarding House in search of Stefan, Damon is there instead, and he implies that his brother is on the "rebound" from a recently lost love. When Elena leaves, Damon taunts Stefan because it is harder for him to effectively compel Vicki Donovan to forget a vampire attacked her.

In the end of The Night of the Comet , Damon charms and beds young Caroline Forbes , a friend of Elena's, ending the night by viciously biting her neck and feeding from her. In Friday Night Bites , Damon drives Caroline to her cheerleading practice, having compelled her to keep his secret and to be unafraid of him. Elena surprises him by asking which one of the Salvatores dated Katherine first, and she renders him speechless by telling him that she was sorry, because he lost her, too. Later that same night, Damon follows Elena to the parking lot before the football game and attempts to compel her to kiss him, but due to her Vervain necklace, she is free of his influence and slaps him in the face.

Angered, Damon confronts Stefan on his way to the field, but he's further enraged when Stefan claims that he still has humanity in him. Damon responds by killing William Tanner , who is Stefan's football coach and teacher of Elena. Stefan responds by throwing a knife into Damon's chest, something Damon doesn't seem to feel, and though Damon admits he deserves it, he later stabs Stefan back for ruining one of his John Varvatos shirts. He also used a large mountain lion to cover up his murders, saying he would be staying in town for a while. When Zach angers him by saying that he always has a motive, Damon holds him up by his neck, further displaying his volatile personality.

Stefan arrives to spare Zach before Damon kills him. Damon also expresses his pleasure with never growing old while getting ready to attend the Founder's Party.

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He appears behind Stefan and Elena just as Elena is reading both of their names on the original registry for the First Founder's Party. Elena expresses interest in hearing more about Stefan and Damon's lineage and, as he's compelled her to distract Stefan, Caroline requests to dance with the younger Salvatore. He says that someone they loved very much was burned in the church during the Battle of Willow Creek , and that when the brothers went to rescue the woman, they were both shot.

Later, Damon leads Caroline upstairs and takes a yellow crystal from a secret compartment in one of the objects on displays; a large wooden box. He says he put it there a long time ago. He seems to blend into the party until Elena sees the bites on Caroline's back and confronts him, threatening to go to Caroline's mother. Angered by this, Damon takes Caroline out near the lake. He didn't realize that Stefan had spiked her drink while dancing with her, and that he'd just consumed enough Vervain to render him harmless. Stefan took him back to the Salvatore mansion, injected him with more vervain, and locked him in the dungeon under their home.

He contacts her first in her room, though this proved rather ineffective, and then again in the hallway at Mystic Falls High School , while she was getting more towels for the Car Wash. She comes all the way to the boarding house and attempts to release Damon, though Zach tries to keep him locked up. Damon snaps Zach's neck and chases Caroline through the house, though he's severely weakened and unable to walk in the sun because Stefan took his daylight ring.

He waits until nightfall to stalk a group of young people, including former victim Vicki Donovan , and kill all of them, excluding Vicki herself. In Lost Girls continues with Damon feeding on his new victims and burning their corpses, using one of their arms to wipe the blood from his mouth. After hanging up with Stefan, Damon finds that one body isn't burning, but when he goes to set her on fire, he realized that Vicki is still alive. Damon seems intrigued by her resilience, and he takes her back to the Salvatore Boarding House, where he feeds her his blood to heal her.

This episode during Stefan's story to Elena , also shows Damon and Stefan playing an early version of football in front of their home in , only to be interrupted by Katherine. In the present, Damon feeds Vicki more of his blood while also feeding on her, and the two of their get drunk together and begin dancing around the house.

They end up in Stefan's room, where Damon tears things from their places as he moves around. He even shows up there later, forcing his way inside and sarcastically warning Elena about who she invites in. When Stefan is shot by Logan Fell , who was using the Gilbert Compass to track down vampires, Damon appears, kills Logan, and extracts the wooden bullet from Stefan's chest, though he demands to have his daylight ring back.

In Haunted , when Stefan is trying to help Vicki adjust to her new life, Damon acts offended that the murder of Logan Fell isn't in the newspaper, and he says that someone is covering it up. He also tells Vicki about the compass he took from Logan. He also taunts Stefan about giving Vicki animal blood, and when he opens the front door to find Elena standing there, he acts arrogantly toward her. Later in the episode, Damon invites Vicki outside, where the Salvatores lose her in the forest, and while the events at the Halloween Party take place, Damon sits down with Carol Lockwood.

When he tells her his last name, she wonders if there is a relation to Zach Salvatore , but when he attempts to compel her to tell him how she knows Zach, he realizes she's wearing a vervain bracelet, which keeps him out of her mind.

He doesn't relent in his quest for information, mentioning the vervain to get Carol talking freely to him. When she mentions the Town Council, Damon seems interested, but Carol quickly changes the subject. He offers to escort her to the school, where he runs into Bonnie. He tries to take it, but it burns his hand when he touches it and Bonnie runs away from him. His cool demeanor enrages Elena and she tries to hit him, but he catches her hand. He tells her that none of this matters to him, so when he releases her, she slaps him. Damon seems angered, but he remains calm as he tells her that she needs to leave because of the blood coming from her wounds.

He later shows up on Elena's porch, offering to erase Jeremy's memory because Stefan's diet prevents him from effectively compelling humans. Elena accepts his offer in order to help "Jer". When he gets too close, Lexi pins him to the bed and tells him not to ruin her time with Stefan, threatening him with bodily harm. To further antagonize his brother and give the Town Council a scapegoat, Damon kills a man in the alley near the Mystic Grill and compels a woman to tell everyone it was Lexi that killed her companion.

When they remove Lexi from the bar, she breaks free of the sheriffs and attempts to kill Sheriff Forbes, who repeatedly shoots her in the chest. Damon arrives and stakes her, much to the shock and surprise of Stefan and Elena. Stefan later attacks Damon in their home and stakes him in the stomach, which, for a moment, makes Damon believe that his brother actually killed him. Stefan says he's only sparing him because he saved his life, but he's done with him. While the two are sarcastically impersonating one another, Stefan tries to get Damon to tell him why he's returned to Mystic Falls.

Damon immediately shuts down and leaves, taunting Stefan once more on his way out. Later in the day, Damon steps up his harassment of Bonnie in an attempt to get his yellow crystal back. He also reveals that he knew Bonnie's ancestor Emily Bennett , who has been haunting Bonnie through her dreams. The two brothers engage in a game of darts, where Stefan continually tries to get the truth out of Damon.

She tells him of another vampire attack and asks him what he thinks they should do. When she awakens, Damon reveals that they're in Georgia. He takes her to Bree's Bar, where he reveals that he's known Bree since she was a college freshman, and that she's a witch. In Unpleasantville , Damon is first seen rummaging through the Salvatore library, where Stefan confronts Damon for taking Elena to Georgia.

Stefan assures him that the journal has nothing helpful in it, but offers his help to Damon if only Damon will leave Mystic Falls. Suspicious of his motives, Damon rejects his offer. Damon comes over after Elena is attacked, and the two of them, realizing that he was invited in and therefore able to harm her at any time, decide to go to the 50's Decade Dance to hunt the vampire down. Alaric notices Damon enter with Elena and Stefan.

Damon later sarcastically asks Bonnie to dance, though he still seems to be trying to reconcile with her.

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He then asks Elena to dance, but she dances with Stefan instead. While Damon is watching the two of them dance, he's approached by Alaric, who wonders about his presence there. He asks Damon a long series of questions, but when they become too personal, Damon becomes suspicious and stops answering, which leads to Alaric leaving.

When he confronts him, he attempts to compel him to tell him what he knows, and satisfied that he knows nothing, Damon leaves him there. It is revealed that Alaric has Vervain crushed in his fist to keep Damon out of his mind, indicating that he was prepared for Damon to confront him. In Children of the Damned , Damon is first seen in a flashback to , where he and Katherine feed on a stagecoach full of people. He tells them they need to find Johnathan Gilbert's Journal, which will hold the location of the Grimoire. In flashbacks, Damon is revealed to have a particular distaste for his father's opinion, while in the present, he's in the Gilbert House talking to Jenna Sommers.

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When Elena arrives, the two of them talk in the kitchen, and Damon questions the absence of Stefan. He tells Stefan that he hopes Elena dies. He goes to Bonnie's grandmother, Sheila Bennett , looking for Bonnie, but when he threatens her, she uses her magic to immobilize him. Anna suggests that Damon and she work together, but when she threatens Elena's life, he agrees to it. When Elena comes to Damon later, requesting they work together again, she takes off her vervain necklace so he'll know she's honest. In A Few Good Men , Damon is in a take of near-constant intoxication, indulging in compelled college girls with loud rock music playing in the Salvatore Boarding House.

When confronted by Stefan, Damon gives him a drunken speech about freedom, claiming that he's perfectly alright. Stefan questions him about a woman named Isobel , though Damon doesn't seem to remember her. Not anymore. Sheriff Forbes comes to sit with Damon, hoping he'll be one of the bachelors in the Bachelor Auction.

Later, he tells Elena that he'll be doing the auction, and, too drunk to do it himself, he asks her to button his shirt. Stefan questions Damon again about Isobel, and this time Damon realizes that someone else must want to know. When Alaric mentions his dead wife, Damon realizes the connection between Stefan's questioning and decides to torment Alaric about it. Little does he know, the woman he killed was Elena's birth mother, and when she confronts him about it, he reacts with extreme surprise.

Later, in the boarding house, Alaric demands to know what Damon did to his wife and where she is. When he attacks Damon, Damon stabs him, killing him. He sits on the couch by the body until Stefan arrives, at which point he claims self-defense and leaves.

Realizing she's stronger than him, he sits down and listens to her. She reveals that some of the twenty-five vampires in the tomb are living with them in a farmhouse just outside of town. She also knows about the Town Council and wants a list of their names. She wants their supply of Vervain to stop as well. It's Pearl's plan to re-take Mystic Falls , and to get him to help her, she offers him Katherine 's location. The three of them sit down and start drinking. Jenna leaves when Damon and Kelly begin flirting more heavily, and somehow the two of them end up at the Salvatore Boarding House , where Stefan, Elena, Matt, and Caroline happen to be on a double-date.

The kids see them making out, which ruins their night. Stefan and Damon remain at the house and are soon attacked by Frederick and Bethanne , two tomb vampires. Stefan manages to kill Bethanne, which sends Frederick running. He and Elena drive out to the farmhouse, where Damon demands Frederick let his brother go. He's unable to enter the house because of a human resident.

She has been compelled to never invite Damon into the house. When he comes back to the car, he and Elena meet in the rain; Elena wants to go in on her own, but Damon stops her out of concern for her safety. The two of them go to Alaric, and Damon lies to Alaric by insinuating that Pearl would know something about Isobel because of her connection to Katherine.

Pearl comes back before they're attacked, admitting that she had no idea Stefan was being tortured, and that it shouldn't have happened. He's at the bar at the end of the episode, admitting to Alaric that he lied about Isobel. Alaric punched him and left the bar, but Damon seemed rather unaffected.

Damon comes home to find Stefan devouring as many blood-bags as possible. In Under Control , Damon tries to coax Stefan to drink human blood to get his strength back. He even leaves his glass full of blood behind and sarcastically runs back to get it, smirking. After she begins fearing Stefan is out of control, Elena invites Damon over and asks him how long Stefan will be this way. She tells him that they might have more vampires in town, because what John Gilbert said about blood-banks being robbed was completely true.

Damon seems suspicious when Jeremy asks about Vicki Donovan. When they encounter one another at the bar, Elena asks if Damon knows what his brother's been up to, and he says he's been too preoccupied with hers, expressing concern that Jeremy is asking so many questions. When John Gilbert and Damon talk outside of the party, John reveals that he knows what Damon is, and Damon responds by snapping his neck and pushing him from the balcony.

Damon later reports to Stefan that he killed Elena's uncle. Damon later sees John Gilbert standing to give a speech, and he expresses shock and, to Alaric, points out that John is wearing the same ring. At the end of the episode, Damon leaves another glass of human blood in Stefan's presence, but this time Stefan drinks it. John suggests that he and Damon work together to track down whoever is stealing from the blood banks.

Anna comes to visit him later, and though he warns her about the Founder's Council being onto the tomb vampires, she says she hasn't been to the blood bank in at least a week, and the other vampires are gone. He also finds Stefan's fridge of human blood. He rejects the idea of helping John, but when he sees Anna again at the Miss Mystic Falls Pageant , he inquires about the device. When Stefan vanishes before the dance begins, Damon steps in to escort Elena onto the dance-floor. When the dance is over, Elena pulls Damon aside and they realize one of the contestants is missing. They search for him in the woods, only to find him feeding on Amber Bradley.

Bonnie arrives and manages to subdue Stefan, but, in his right mind again, Stefan flees. After Elena tranquilizes Stefan, Damon carries him to the dungeon and locks him inside, and the two of them sit in the hallway together. The two brothers slowly let Elena in on their history, how they both became vampires. Damon completes the story by telling her that Stefan forced him to feed on a human.

Damon also taunts Elena by telling her that Stefan prefers golden retriever puppy blood. Damon and Alaric also go on a quest for information about Isobel , where they encounter one of the tomb vampires, Henry. The vampire reveals that John Gilbert has been working with him to keep an eye on the other tomb vampires. They end up killing him and having a moderately deep conversation about searching for their ex-lovers. Damon returns to Elena, where he concludes the story of their vampiric origin. He also seems concerned by Elena meeting Isobel for the first time.

Isobel later finds Damon in her temporary home, playing a game of cards involving stripping. She attempts to threaten him, but Damon continues questioning her about the Gilbert Device. He told her to tell Katherine to come get the device herself. Later, Elena tries to get the device from Damon so Bonnie can de-spell it; Elena hopes to trade the device for Jeremy, who has been kidnapped by Isobel. Bonnie displays her powers by retrieving Damon's favorite book, Call of the Wild, from the library shelf with only the power of her mind.

When she and Stefan are on the parade float waving to the crowd, Elena waves, smiling at Bonnie, and Damon appears between them and waves back. He then turns to Bonnie and thanks her for de-spelling the device, surprising Bonnie with his sincerity. He sees Elena at the Mystic Grill later and tells her that he likes her better in normal clothing.

While wandering around during the Founder's Day Celebration, Damon encounters Anna , who tells him the tomb vampires will be killing the founding families as soon as the fireworks start. Damon goes straight to Alaric , and then to Elena and Stefan, who he warns to leave the party as soon as possible. He goes to the building where John Gilbert is setting up the device, but, unfortunately, Bonnie never de-spelled it, and it made him collapse.

He was injected with Vervain and put in the basement of the Gilbert Building to be burned alive. After being rescued, Damon visits Jeremy to tell him about Anna 's death. He also admits that what he did to Vicki Donovan was wrong and apologizes for his part in it. When asked if vampires can shut out their humanity, Damon told him the truth, not realizing that Jeremy was going to kill himself. While leaving, Damon encountered who he thought was Elena on the porch.

He thanked her for seeing something in him worth saving, and after kissing her on the forehead, he kissed her on the lips, only to be interrupted by a very confused Jenna. It turns out this was not Elena, but Katherine pretending to be her. Damon and Katherine kiss. In The Return , Directly following the events of the season one finale, Damon arrives at the hospital, expressing worry to Sheriff Forbes about her daughter, Caroline. He comforts her, but seems incredibly intrigued by the fact that Lockwood was affected by the Gilbert Device.

When Elena arrives at the hospital worried about Caroline. Elena turns it down immediately, but Bonnie agrees. When Bonnie leaves, Damon attempts to bring up the fact that they kissed, but Elena blows him off, saying she has no idea what he's talking about. He recruits Elena and heads back to her home, where they find Stefan , who had just got out of a fight with Katherine. The three of them sit down in the dining room and talk about what Katherine wants, where Stefan asks Damon exactly what happened between them.

Damon admits he kissed her, thinking she was Elena, and Stefan attempts to attack him. Elena stops him, claiming that she wouldn't do that. While trying to formulate a plan, Damon leaves, declaring that he'll just ignore her and see where that gets him. Damon goes to the Lockwood Mansion and breaks up a fight between Carol Lockwood and Elizabeth Forbes , who are discussing the death of the mayor. He questions Sheriff Forbes about Mason Lockwood and finds out that he's Tyler Lockwood 's uncle, and the brother of the mayor, but he knows nothing about the Town Council. When Bonnie goes to talk to Damon in the dining room, wondering if he's suspicious about both Tyler and the mayor being affected by the Gilbert Device , he ends up irritating her until she uses magic to hurt his head.

He later speaks to Elena out on the Lockwood's porch, where she asks him how he's doing. He doesn't admit that he's hurt until Elena tells him that she's surprised he thought she'd kiss him back. Stefan warns him that Katherine will get between them, but Damon, sarcastically, denies that it's possible. She asks Damon to spearhead the Town Council while she's acting as interim-mayor. He accepts just as Mason and Tyler come back to the house, and listens to their conversation about anger problems. When Stefan comes home later, he seems to have occupied himself with investigating the Lockwoods' family secret.

He later attends the Carnival , where he speaks to Jeremy. When Jeremy threatens to tell everyone about vampires, Damon grows serious and drags him behind the concession stand, where he takes his ring and puts him in a headlock, pointing out how easy it would be to really kill him. He also watches Mason and Tyler arm-wrestling, where he volunteers Stefan to go up against Mason.

Stefan admits that he's supernaturally strong after losing to him, which further interest Damon. He compels a carnival worker to pick a fight with Tyler to make him angry. Later, the newly-transitioned Caroline confronts Damon in the school hallway, telling him that she remembers everything he compelled her to forget. He goes straight to Elena, and, along with Stefan, they meet in Alaric 's classroom.

He is convinced that killing Caroline is the only thing they can do, and, locating her by the dead body of her newest victim, he attempts to stake her. He's stopped by Stefan the first time and Elena the second, who bravely steps between him and Caroline. Elena manages to stop the witch before Damon is killed.

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When Damon returns to the boarding house, Jeremy is there, and he's laced Damon's alcohol with Vervain. He admits that he was there to kill him, but decided against it because of the blind hatred of his parents. They decide to go to Duke University, where Alaric's wife, Isobel , still has an office full of research.

Throughout the drive, Damon tries to convince Elena that he knew Jeremy would come back to life when he killed him. When they arrive on campus, Isobel's old research assistant lets them into her office, but attempts to shoot Elena with a crossbow, as she knows who Katherine is.

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  • Damon moves in front of her, taking the arrow in the back, and Elena is the one to pull it out. Disturbed by this, Elena calls Stefan to warn him. He taunts her again with the information he claims to know. When Elena tells him that friends are supposed to help each other, he follows her to the car and gives her a book , which bears Katherine's original last name.

    He admits that he doesn't want to lose their friendship forever. Near the end of the episode, he walks her to her door, where she asks him if he honestly knew Jeremy was wearing the Gilbert Ring. Hurt, Damon tells her that she has much more in common with Katherine than her looks. He wants to find out more about Mason Lockwood , and throughout the evening, he continues to drop innuendos to Tyler's uncle, like drawing a wolf while playing Pictionary, and trying to get him to serve the pie with a silver utensil. Mason confronts him in the kitchen, hoping to keep the age-old rivalry out of their lives.

    Damon continues to antagonize him, suspicious about his presence in Mystic Falls. Eventually, he agrees to a truce, but he takes a knife from Jenna 's silver set and follows Mason outside, where he stabs him in the stomach. After Elena and Stefan have their fake fight at the grill, Damon leaves and encounters Katherine outside, who he reacts to coldly.

    He takes a cup of lemonade from a little girl, but is shocked to learn that it's been spike with Vervain. She takes them to The Lockwood Cellar , where she demands to know how he can walk in the sun. She shoots him repeatedly with wooden bullets until, eventually, Caroline manages to save their lives.

    Damon feeds on one of the dead deputies and tries to convince Stefan to do the same. And then, staggering because of his injuries, he confronts Sheriff Forbes, who asks him to kill her. Damon refuses on the basis that they're friends, keeping her locked up until the Vervain leaves her system so he can compel her to forget that he, Stefan, and Caroline are vampires. Later, when he encounters Elena in the living room of the Salvatore house, she tells him that sparing Caroline's mother was more like the Damon that she was friends with. Alaric comes by later, surprised to see Jeremy. He gives Damon the research from Isobel's office.

    Damon wants Jeremy to retrieve the moon stone from Tyler, and, upon finding out that Katherine and Mason are together, he speculates that Katherine wants the moon stone. The brothers ask Bonnie to touch Mason Lockwood to find out what he wants with the stone. Though he asks rudely, Bonnie agrees to help them. She uses her magic on Mason, effectively subduing him so that they can capture him.

    Damon takes him to the Salvatore Mansion and chains him into a chair. When Mason grabs her, Damon pries his hand away, thanking her as she's leaving the room. He cruelly tortures the young man by shoving a red-hot fire-poker into his chest repeatedly. He questions him about Katherine, but gets no response. Jeremy later delivers wolfs bane, which Damon uses to further his torture of Mason. He shoves the plant into Mason's mouth, causing him immense pain. Mason reveals that he's getting the stone for Katherine so she can lift the curse of the moon, because she supposedly loves him.

    Seemingly entertained, Damon tells Jeremy to leave or get over his sympathy. After Jeremy leaves, he ends Mason's life by ripping his heart from his chest. Stefan arrives later, while he's cleaning up the body, giving Damon the moon stone to hide. Finding that the last number Mason dialed was Katherine's, Damon calls her, much to Stefan's disapproval.

    He taunts Katherine with Mason's death, angering her. After Jenna stabs herself, on Katherine's compulsion, Damon confronts Elena and apologizes for provoking her. In Masquerade , Damon participates in a conversation with Stefan and Caroline, claiming that he's going to the Masquerade Ball to kill Katherine. Bonnie comes over later, while Damon and Alaric are discussing weapons in the background. Stefan and Damon show up at the Masquerade Ball with masks on, discussing how one of them might hesitate while killing Katherine. When they trap Katherine in one of the Lockwood Mansion 's rooms, they attack her viciously, stabbing her multiple times with their supply of stakes.

    Jeremy arrives to tell them that their every action toward Katherine is being reflected onto Elena, which stops the in their tracks. She tries to make a deal with them; she wants the moon stone back. She also tells Damon that he used to be boring, and tries to antagonize them by pointing out Damon's love for Elena. Damon is the first to give in to her taunts, attempting to stake Katherine after pouring her a drink.

    Stefan stops him, but Katherine continues to play with his emotions, wondering when Damon got so hot. The witch Lucy uses the moon stone to subdue Katherine, apologizing to the brothers for her involvement with Katherine. As he shuts the door, she tries to stop him by claiming that Elena is in danger. He listens to her momentarily, but then shuts her inside. Damon, again, seems to have been emotionally affected by Katherine as he walks away. In Rose , Damon appears at Caroline's house, whose explaining how Tyler killed a girl at the Masquerade ball.

    He questions what Caroline has told Tyler about him and Stefan, convinced he knows something. He tells her not to befriend Tyler. Later, he talks to Stefan about Elena's disappearance. He tells him that Katherine knew Elena was in danger. The two of them take a Vervain grenade from Alaric and, using Bonnie's instructions, go to rescue Elena.

    Stefan thanks him for coming, but attempts to get him to admit he only came because he loves Elena. The two have a brief conversation outside before coming in to rescue Elena from Elijah. Damon drives a large piece of wood through Elijah's chest, and while Elena is hugging Stefan, she mouths a thank-you to Damon, as well. Later, when Damon is drinking at the boarding house, Stefan approaches and tells Damon they should learn to work together, or they won't be able to protect Elena.

    He also apologizes for making Damon turn into a vampire. Damon seems surprised by his words, and this prompts him to visit Elena in her bedroom, where he reveals that he found Elena's necklace. Tears can be seen in his eyes as he says this. He compels her to forget what he said and, after returning the necklace, leaves her room. In Katerina , Damon expresses immediate distrust toward Rose , who comes back to tell them that a legendary vampire named Klaus is after Elena.

    After Elena leaves to talk to Katherine , Damon spends the day with Rose. He asks her if she knows where Klaus is, and convinces her to take him to see the vampire who supposedly knows where to look. She tells him that he can trust her, and the two of them go inside. Slater immediately recognizes Damon; he knows the year he was turned and the person who turned him, which seems to make Damon suspicious. Slater tells them that, if Elijah wanted the moon stone, he might've been planning to break the vampire-side of the curse so that the werewolves wouldn't break their side.

    Rose is seriously injured by sun exposure and Damon is forced to carry her back to the car, where she tells him that they're all going to be killed by Klaus. Later, Rose apologizes for the surprise attack, expressing a desire to save Elena. Rose gets a call from Slater, who tells her she needs the moonstone to lift the curse, and a witch to figure the rest out. In The Sacrifice , Stefan and Damon visit Katherine together, as the moon stone is in the tomb with her.

    They come directly to Elena's home afterwards, explaining that she wanted out of the tomb, if they wanted the moon stone. Damon appears later during their meeting with Bonnie, where Jeremy tries to convince them to let him retrieve the moon stone. While he's planning to incapacitate Katherine to get the stone, Damon gets a call from Rose, who tells them about Elena's plan to give herself over to Klaus. She tells him that she would rather die than let Klaus kill the people she loves. He threatens her, grabbing her arm, and when she attempts to hit him, he menacingly warns her to never do that again.

    Three men arrive and Damon immediately tries to protect Elena, even from Elijah, who was supposed to be dead. Elijah flees, leaving Damon to drive Elena home on his own. The two of them bicker on the front porch, but Elena is surprised to find an injured Jeremy waiting for her. When she finds that Stefan has been trapped in the tomb with Katherine, Damon stops her from entering, restraining her against the doorway until she leaves.

    He tries to give him blood, but Stefan refuses, not wanting to share with Katherine. He gets a call from Alaric , who tells him that a woman from Florida has come searching for Mason Lockwood. He meets Alaric at the bar, who's been having a conversation with the woman. While Damon is distracting her, Alaric pours wolfsbane into her drink. Damon talks to her about Mason, claiming to be one of his friends, but she responds suspiciously when he tries to get her to have a drink with him in other words, to sip the wolfsbane so he can tell if she's a werewolf.

    She doesn't fall for it, able to smell the wolfsbane in his drink. Damon threatens her, but she responds by declaring how strong she is on this night in-particular the full moon. Alaric warns Damon to go home and stay inside, because one bite from the werewolf will effectively end his life. He goes home, where Rose has been waiting. He acts coldly toward her as she tries to apologize about helping Elena, admitting she has nowhere else to go.

    When Jules , the werewolf he taunted in the bar, leaps through one of the Salvatore's windows, she bites Rose's shoulder before Damon stabs her, getting her to run off. The bite heals immediately, mystifying both vampires. Rose is terrified that her life almost ended, and Damon comforts her with a hug. The two are seen again in the living room, where they begin another heated sexual encounter, but they're interrupted when Damon discovers that the bite on her shoulder has resurfaced.

    This is particularly devastating news to Damon, because the two of them were just beginning to develop a friendship. In The Descent , Damon cares for Rose trying to convince her that she'll get better. He asks Elena to watch over Rose, but he rejects the fact that he's upset about Rose's impending death. Damon goes from there to the Mystic Grill , where he immediately goes for Jules.

    Stefan stops him, but he continues, sitting down at her table. He tracks Rose down after she slaughters a man. He meets up with Elena, who he arms with a wooden stake. He stops Rose before she takes yet another victim, pinning her to the ground in a parking lot. He comforts her when she realizes what she's done, picking her up and carrying her back to the Salvatore Boarding House.

    Damon watches over her after putting her back in his bed, where he reacts coldly to Elena's presence. He also snaps at Rose, denying that he cares about her. He sends Elena away, getting into bed with Rose and holding her against his chest. He sends her a dream of the place she was born and raised, where the two of them sit together in a beautiful meadow.

    A tear goes down his cheek as he does this. He delivers her body to Sheriff Forbes to explain the earlier attacks on humans and when he returns to the boarding house, Elena is waiting. She tries to comfort him, but he denies that there's anything wrong with him. Elena hugs him anyway, and Damon's eyes begin to visibly water. That same night, Damon is lying in the middle of the road when a woman named Jessica stops her car to check on him. He tells her that he's lost existentially, metaphorically. When he drinks alcohol from a flask, she runs back to her car, but he compels her not to move.

    He admits that he can't be what other people want him to be, and he tells her that he misses being human more than anything in the world, debating whether or not he should kill her. After he tells her she's free to go, he pursues her and kills her anyway. In Daddy Issues , Damon first appears in the shower, a very dark look on his face as he listens to a news report about the people Rose killed.

    They mention the woman he killed in the road. He goes to the Gilbert House , where he demands to know John's location. He tries to get information out of him, threatening his life because he's lacking his resurrection ring. When Jenna tries to get him to date her friend, Andie Star , he blows her off. Elena receives a call from Stefan regarding Tyler Lockwood , and Elena and Damon have a heated discussion in the bathroom. He wants to kill Tyler because of what he knows.

    Elena tells him to be the better man. When John arrives, wondering what's happening, Damon tells John to keep Elena there so he can go rescue Caroline , who is being held captive and tortured by Jules and her boyfriend, Brady. Stefan and Damon are almost killed during this rescue, but they're spared by the warlock Jonas Martin , who was working with Elijah. John later gives Damon a bottle of white oak ashes and a silver dagger with which to kill an Original. That night, Damon invites Andie Star to his house and the two of them share a bubble bath. Damon tells her that he's in love with a woman he can never have, and that he doesn't trust himself around anyone.

    He says that he kills people, but he compels her to be unafraid. While kissing her, Damon slips down her neck and bites her, filling the bathtub with her blood. In Crying Wolf , Damon has bandaged Andie's neck, and they walk downstairs together. He tells Alaric about the dagger, and Alaric says that he and Jenna will also be at the party.

    At the party, which is being held in the large Lockwood Mansion , Damon meets up with Andie, also greeting Carol Lockwood and introducing himself, officially, to Elijah. Damon and Elijah have a conversation in the sitting room, where Damon questions his motives and goes so far as to physically block him from the exit. Elijah responds with physical violence, stabbing Damon in the neck with a broken pencil. Damon returns to the Salvatore home, where he and Alaric are talking about how difficult it will be to kill Elijah. Jules is behind the attack. She chains him to a chair, which is ironically similar to the way he tortured Mason Lockwood to death, and questions him about the moon stone.

    Elijah shows up and kills four werewolves, saving Damon's life for the third time. He calls Stefan and relays this information. He's first seen on the phone with Stefan. He tells his brother that Tyler Lockwood has left town, leaving them with only one problem: Elijah. He reveals that he's going to be careful when killing Elijah. He speaks with Alaric, who expresses distaste with Damon and Andie's relationship.

    He invites Jenna and Elijah, who have been speaking of historic Mystic Falls , and Andie tells them they should have a dinner party. Damon jumps at the idea, and Elijah agrees. Damon goes to the tomb and, now that the spell is lifted and he can move around freely, he brings Katherine blood and clothing, wondering if what John Gilbert said about killing Elijah is true. Katherine tells him that if Elijah dies, she's stuck in the tomb forever, begging him not to kill the Original.

    By doing this, she confirms that it's possible to kill an Original. Damon denies to Alaric that he'll do anything to antagonize Elijah, but when Alaric leaves the room, he pulls the dagger and the ash from its hiding place. The party continues into a tense dinner, where Damon and John Gilbert, who arrived uninvited, prod Elijah for information. Meanwhile, Elena and Stefan figure out that if a vampire wields the dagger and kills an Original, it will die.

    Stefan calls Alaric and warns him, who is barely able to stop Damon in time. When they return to the dining room, Damon tries to convince Elijah to kill John Gilbert, and the two of them seem to put Elijah on the defensive. He threatens to take Elena away and protect her himself, so neither of them will see her again. In the middle of this, Alaric uses the dagger to kill him, and the two of them lock him in the basement. Stefan calls again to tell Damon that removing the dagger will bring Elijah back to life, and, panicking, Damon runs down to the basement.

    Why Choose Damon | Damon Braces

    He finds it empty. Knowing that Elijah will come after Elena, Damon participates in a plan to bring him down, helping Stefan transport the body back to the basement. He finds the moon stone in Elijah's pocket and decides to hold onto it. Elena then tells both Salvatores that she doesn't want to be kept in the dark anymore, if they truly want her to keep fighting.

    They agree, and Damon wonders how he changed her mind; when Lexi is mentioned, Damon recalls the first time he ever met her, and that he told her to take care of his brother. She warns him that his hatred will get the best of him, which is ironic, because it eventually consumed his life. At the very end of the episode, Damon enters his room and finds Katherine naked in his shower.

    She reveals that killing Elijah removed his compulsion over her, and that she was able to escape the tomb. She claims she wants to help him. It turns out that the person Damon attacked was actually Katherine, and that when Stefan went back to his room to attack who he thought was her, he nearly choked Elena. Damon talks to her down in the basement, where Damon is using a blow-torch on Elijah's body. He wonders if she knew that using the dagger would kill him, and, angry, he points the blow-torch at her instead.

    She continues to try to convince him that she wants Klaus dead as badly as they do. She even told him that she didn't care if he died, as long as she got out of the tomb. Damon remains in the house with Katherine. He's trying to find out where the witches were massacred.

    She antagonizes him and he ends up pinning her to the piano seat, where she says she's glad he's not dead. She gives him sparse information about the location while also asking why he cares. Stefan appears and suggests they find the Witch Burial Ground. When Luka Martin enters the Salvatore house using his mind, it leads into a scene between Katherine and Damon in which she leans over his shoulder and points out how her old friend, Emily Bennett , was burned alive in the same place the other witches were.

    Katherine calls for Damon when she's attacked by Luka, and he pulls the stake from her stomach, using the blow-torch to burn Luka alive. He later brings Katherine a blood-bag, but stabs her after she takes it, revenge for not telling him that the dagger would take his life. He knew that killing Elijah would get her out of the tomb, so he gave Katherine a choice: either she stay and help them with Klaus, or he would kill Stefan. Damon points out that John Gilbert still tried to kill him, and Katherine tells him that, since she could only save one of them, she chose Stefan.

    Damon tries to go to Elena's aid when Jonas Martin comes after her, but Katherine stops him, as she plans to step into Elena's place at the house and kill him. He later tells Elena that it was Katherine's idea in the first place. He hovers in the background as Elena and Katherine argue, where Katherine tries to convince them that she's not a threat. In his bedroom, Katherine jumps onto his bed in a very short dress. Damon wonders how everyone knew that Emily Bennett was a witch back in She tries to kiss him, but he pushes her off, telling her to find somewhere else to sleep.

    This strengthens his resistance to the power Katherine has over him. Damon, Bonnie, and Jeremy go to Jonas Martin 's apartment, where she tells Damon that if she can find the place where the witches were burned, she can harness their power. As soon as he enters, Damon finds that the spirits there are vicious toward vampires, and they temporarily disable his ring so the sun will burn him. He manages to get out before he's burned too badly. While Bonnie and Jeremy work inside the house, he hovers on the porch.

    When he tries to enter, the door slams shut of its own accord. He finds the place where Katherine is most likely to be hiding, and he and Stefan find Isobel's bags inside. At this point, Katherine, Elena, and the moon stone have gone missing. After Elena is released and Isobel dies in the sunlight, Damon approaches with the deed to the house, which will make Elena the owner. When she signs it, the Salvatore Boarding House will be inaccessible to any vampires she doesn't allow inside.

    In The Last Dance , Elena signs the deed, giving her ownership of the house. Outside, Damon and Stefan talk about Klaus. Damon wonders if she's dead, though he seems rather disturbed by the idea. Once they're finished, Elena invites Stefan in immediately, but makes Damon promise to listen to her.

    After Klaus sends Elena a message telling her that he'll be at the dance, Damon invites Alaric to the house and tells him to put him down as a chaperone. He attacks Bonnie, trying to prove that she's not strong enough, but she blows him across the room, revealing that she can kill any vampire, no matter how strong.

    At the dance, Damon suggests that everyone blend into the party. He goes to talk to Alaric, unaware that he's actually Klaus. Elena wants to warn Caroline and Matt about Klaus, but Stefan decides to do it himself, calling Damon over to dance with Elena. Damon is lucid and comforts Elena while they dance, drawing a few giggles despite their serious situation. He later dances with Bonnie, as he heard her and Jeremy talking earlier. After Klaus reveals his identity, Damon sends Elena to find Stefan, grabbing Bonnie and making a plan with her to fake her death so Klaus will give up in his attempts to kill her.

    When he gets back to the house, having dealt with the body, Elena accuses him of knowing what would happen, and she slaps him. He finally explains that it was all a plan to save her life and keep her as their secret weapon. He leaves her there, but Stefan follows, upset that he didn't tell him about the plan and that he put Elena through so much emotional pain. This is brought up again when Elena visits him in his room. She tells him that she won't let Bonnie die for her and he responds in a similar way, telling her that he would let anyone die to keep her alive. Her life will always be his first choice.

    He follows Stefan to the basement, where they find that Elena has brought Elijah back to life. He and Andie go to Alaric's apartment, where Katherine is being held prisoner. Damon can't enter, due to the fact that Alaric is still alive and hasn't invited him in, so he talks to Katherine through the door, offering her a small vial of Vervain , which will protect her from Klaus' compulsion, in exchange for the answer to a question: he wants to know why she turned on them with Isobel.

    He returns as Elena is trying to leave again and physically restrains her, antagonizing Stefan. Andie tries to comfort him as he drinks by the fire, but he sends her away, leading to Stefan's entrance. Stefan darkly thanks him for being in love with Elena, if only it means Elena is being protected.

    The two get physical when Stefan claims that he has one thing Damon will never have: Elena's respect. Devon is the acclaimed singer-guitarist son of the golden-voiced Gregg Allman and nephew of guitar god Duane Allman. Of that original lineup only Betts and Jaimoe are alive. Spero explained today that more Dickey Betts Band dates will be announced but none west of the Mississippi River.

    No word yet on any shows in Sarasota-Manatee, where Betts grew up. The singular Leon Russell, who died today at age 74, impacted musicians from various generations and genres. The Oklahoma native was a famed session musician, bandleader, and hit songwriter before becoming a solo star in the s. This festival has been going on since with a couple interruptions.

    Macon is the home once again for this great little fest September Good question. Now that makes sense! Doors at , show at Dickey Betts adds Damon Fowler to his band Allman Brothers co-founder, Sarasota resident, reveals lineup for summer tour Dickey Betts has chosen a fellow Florida native, and former Sarasota-Bradenton resident, to share lead guitar duties with him and son Duane Betts on their upcoming tour. Tickets are on sale now for each of these shows with the Macon date already nearly sold out. Leon Russell influenced various musicians including local Damon Fowler The singular Leon Russell, who died today at age 74, impacted musicians from various generations and genres.